Our Partners

Our partners are dream makers.

We are proud to work with many community leaders and organizations to offer wrap-around services for our Dream Achievers and their families.  Moving individuals and families out of poverty takes strategy, leadership, and community.
We are grateful for our partners who believe in our Dream Achievers and trust our proven model of success.
Education partners provide the best opportunities for our Dream Achievers to receive an education in a timely manner and with little debt.
Community partners support many of our wrap-around services that bolster our Dream Achievers and their families during the pursuit of their dream. 
Funding partners help sustain our work and invigorate our mission to continue expanding our impact and transforming lives.
Public Partners are committed to the long-term success of our Dream Achievers and their desire to not fall back into poverty.  They assist with “after the dream” tools and services so our Dream Achievers can gain independence in every sense of the word.

Thank you to our current partners