About Us

Our Mission

Partnering with individuals and their families to move them out of poverty to sustainable independence through education, mentoring, financial assistance, and access to community partnerships.

Our Vision

We continue to build a high value and sustainable organization that is scalable to support the intimate and intense journey of our Dream Achievers and see a world where everyone has a chance for success.

Our Values

The Dream Come True Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of our Dream Achievers and our community. These values guide how we build and foster a world where anyone can dare to dream.  

  • Equality: We believe in creating opportunities for success for ALL people, particularly those challenged by poverty and with the dream to prosper. We believe Black Lives Matter.

  • Dreaming big: We believe in going after dreams and working together to make them come true.

  • Building confidence: We believe through courage, grit, hard work, and compassion, our Dream Achievers can build the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

  • Independence: We believe in passionately supporting our Dream Achievers’ visions of financial independence and well-being.

  • Togetherness: We believe mutual respect, shared goals, and all-in commitments support our intimate partnerships.  

Our Work

Our work is centered on a proven equation for success. With our support, greater than 90% of our Dream Achievers graduate and join the workforce earning a middle-income wage in less than two years. Our model allows us to accomplish this with an average cost of less than $24,500 per Dream Achiever for tuition support, essential living expenses, and other financial assistance. Our equation for success includes:

  • Education:  Moving from poverty to a successful career in a high-demand field requires skills and training. Whether our Dream Achievers are enrolled in college or undergoing training in an apprenticeship program, our Achievers are prepared for the challenges in their chosen field of work.

  • Mentoring: Mentoring is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Our mentors act as guides to our Dream Achievers.  They help our Dream Achievers gain confidence to solve everyday problems. We often provide both personal and professional mentors so our Dream Achievers have the resources to face life’s big challenges. Learn more about mentoring.

  • Financial Support:  We don’t provide handouts. Our Dream Achievers are required to focus on their education during our program, and we allow Achievers to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Our financial assistance packages are designed to cover the gap between what is needed to live and what Achievers are able to earn.  Through workforce development, we help prepare our Dream Achievers with the necessary skills acquired through targeted education, training, and employment support.  These skills and knowledge improve their opportunities for employment and success in the workplace. Learn about ways to support our Dream Achievers.

  • Community Partnerships: Our partners help us to design education and career tracks that move our Achievers as quickly as possible to successful outcomes.  Learn more about these partnerships.