Mentor Spotlight-Tiffany Pfluger

We caught up with Tiffany Pfluger, one of our newest mentors, to learn more about her mentoring experience.

DCTF: What prompted your involvement with Dream Come True Foundation and our Dream Achievers?

Tiffany: Over the last year or two, I had been looking for an opportunity to provide mentorship; I just hadn’t found the right fit. Then, I received an email from the President of the Capital Centex Chapter of the Texas Occupational Therapist Association requesting mentors for an Occupational Therapy student working with DCTF. Talk about divine intervention! As an Austin Community College OTA program graduate, I jumped at the chance and reached out. The rest is history!

DCTF: Why do you think mentoring is important, especially for our Dream Achievers?

Tiffany: I think mentoring is important because it provides added support and resources to our Dream Achievers working through school and life. The road to graduating college has peaks and valleys on its own, and then add work, family, life, etc., as additional stressors to “get it all done.” I would hope that having a mentor is helpful to prevent burnout and, at the same time, lift our Dream Achievers to reach their greatest levels of collegiate, and eventually, career success. 

DCTF: What’s been the most rewarding part of being a mentor so far?

Tiffany: Getting to meet my Dream Achiever has been the most rewarding part so far! She is amazing and a true inspiration. Of course, it is the cherry on top that we share similar interests and career goals in the field of Occupational Therapy. 

DCTF: What advice do you have for new mentors?

Tiffany: Use resources, too. You don’t have to know all the answers, but follow through on your ability to help your Dream Achiever find them. 

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