Wrap-around services supporting our Dream Achievers: Resilience Training

We are so delighted that Julie Hutchinson is providing our Achievers with such an important program.

This invaluable training opportunity will enable our Achievers to manage test anxiety, social anxiety, challenges of family and children – and so much more!

The Resilience program combines research-based tools and technology that produce significant, sustained improvements in individual stress levels, cognitive state, emotional wellbeing, performance, health, and organization effectiveness. The specific personal and professional benefits participants will receive are:

  • Increased resilience – ability to prepare for, and recoup from challenge
  • Stress reduction, with associated physiological improvements (e.g., blood pressure, muscle tension)
  • Reduced fatigue and burnout
  • Increased brain clarity, focus, attention span, accuracy and learning ability
  • Improved decision‐making, (reduction of decision fatigue)
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved work/life balance
  • Reduction of test anxiety

Julie trains top performers to thrive professionally and personally. Her unique approach blends technology, scientific research, resilience, and emotional wellbeing techniques. Julie brings an unmatched, data-backed holistic skill set to her training programs with over two decades of high-performance sales success and a decade of study and training experience.

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