Mentor Spotlight-Tiffany Pfluger

We caught up with Tiffany Pfluger, one of our newest mentors, to learn more about her mentoring experience. DCTF: What prompted your involvement with Dream Come True Foundation and our Dream Achievers? Tiffany: Over the last year or two, I had been looking for an opportunity to provide mentorship; I just hadn’t found the right […]

A glimpse into brighter futures

We caught up with Dream Achiever alumna, Adriana Zermino, to find out about her brighter future. “How am I going to do this?”   This is the question Adriana Zermeno asked herself in 2018. Born to young parents who separated, remarried, and started new families of their own, Adriana felt left behind and matured quickly for […]

2021 Dream Achiever graduates

We are so proud of our recent graduates! Alex Gomez, Associates RN Degree, Austin Community College After graduation, I will be working in the cardiac unit at St. David’s! I plan to get my bachelors’ degree and possibly transfer to the emergency unit. In addition to my degree, I’m most proud of the fact that […]

Meet Jessica Avelar, Dream Achiever

The Dream When Jessica Avelar was only seven years old and living with her family in Elgin, Texas, she and her sister looked for a missing purple-dyed Easter chick. Sadly, they discovered its lifeless body under the family house, and when they went to retrieve it, Jessica’s sister was bitten by the rattlesnake who had […]

Meet Ebony Edmondson-Stites, Dream Achiever

The Back Story As a child and a military “brat,” Ebony Edmondson-Stites and her four siblings moved around a lot. This experience helped her learn quickly to acclimate to the world around her as her surroundings were constantly changing. However, one change that rocked her world was the sudden death of her father when she […]

Meet Adriana Zermeno, Dream Achiever

The Dream Adriana Zermeno was born to young parents who separated, remarried, and started new families of their own. The transition was hard, and 11-year-old Adriana felt left behind and had to mature quickly for her age. Her mom had to work two jobs to make ends meet for their family, which sometimes left Adriana […]

Meet Megan Davenport, Dream Achiever

Megan Davenport grew up with the beautiful Pacific Northwest as the backdrop for a far from idyllic childhood. Her single mother struggled financially and, during Megan’s sophomore year of high school, remarried someone who had never had kids. Megan found it challenging to adjust to the new home situation and struggled with depression in her […]

Congratulations to Dream Achiever, Tina Torres! She’s a graduate!

Today we salute and congratulate Tina Torres on completing all of her college credits for her RN degree, issued by Austin Community College. In addition, she received her official white coat as a testament to the long journey of success. On this day, The Dream Come True Foundation applauds you and is so proud of […]